Does Nutrition matter if you’re injured?

You might think that if you’re injured and unable to work out, all you can do is sit and wait until you’re fit to resume your usual activities.  That’s an option I suppose, but not a very good one. The fact is that not only can what you eat keep you healthy while you’re off, it can also help your healing.

We’ve had two great personal stories on PaleoChix this week from women who have had major injuries, time off, and a long road through recovery and rehabilitation. Eileen discovered that it was not just important to stay Paleo, it was time to relinquish her last “comfort food” — beer. Tamara learned that sleep, fish oil, and eating Paleo (itself an anti-inflammatory diet) were just the ticket to get back in action.

Sports Injury Bulletin suggests that BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and Vitamin C are essential to healing. The article Nutrition as a key player in injury recovery focuses on foods that inhibit and promote inflammation, including fish oil. Dr. Loren Cordain had a great response in an email update to the “Paleo Diet” to a question about injuries and healing.

It’s worth doing a little research, but the short answer is “YES!” it does matter  what you eat when you’re injured!


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