Results are in!

With many apologies for the delay in announcing our winners, and with gratitude to all who undertook this journey… Here are the Results! Men’s Winner: Ben Ronick. Women’s Winner: Stacey McCauley. They each receive half the “prize pot” – $150 each. Men’s Honorable Mention: Miles Libby. All three will receive a month’s free membership at the gym 😀

Note: 14 people started, 7 finished. Of those who finished, there were a total of 61 lbs lost, with corresponding drops  in body fat percentage ranging from 7% to 25%. Everyone increased their pullups and clean & jerks, and decreased their mile times significantly (an average of 8.5%). And every participant, even those who were quite lean to start with, saw decreases in their waist/abdominal measurements. One participant was injured and could not workout for the entire month of the challenge, but still saw a substantial decrease in weight, body fat, and measurements.

Ben had great results and placed first in 3 categories:

Starting & Ending weight: 196.5#/183.1#

Percentage change:6.8% loss

Starting & Ending Body Fat %: 31.8%/29.6%

Percentage change: 6.9% loss

Starting & Ending pullups: 10/18

Percentage change: 80% gain

Starting & Ending mile time: 8:03/7:16

Percentage change: 10% decrease

Starting & Ending clean & jerk 185#/195#

Percentage change: 5.4% increase


41”/38.25# waist  6.7% decrease

40”/38# abdomen 5% decrease

18”/15.25 neck

Stacey was injured and therefore was unable to work out for the duration of the month. However, despite that, she had great results from changing her nutrition:

Starting & Ending weight: 137#/129#

Percentage change: 5.8% loss

Starting & Ending Body Fat %: 26.5%/24%

Percentage change: 9.4% loss

Measurements: 31.25”/28# waist

13.5”/13 neck

Miles also had great results, placing first in 2 categories:

Starting & Ending weight: 194#/185#

Percentage change:4.6% loss

Starting & Ending Body Fat %: 17.9%/13.9%

Percentage change: 22.3% loss

Starting & Ending pullups: 13/19

Percentage change: 46% gain

Starting & Ending mile time:6:45/6:17

Percentage change: 6.4% decrease

Starting & Ending clean & jerk 135#/155#

Percentage change: 14.8% increase


37”/36# waist  2.7% decrease

36/33# abdomen 8.3% decrease

16”/16 neck

Congratulations to all!

Although we had to choose winners based on who showed the most benefit from a month of Paleo nutrition, everyone who finished did a terrific job sticking to the plan! All who completed the challenge will be receiving a new CF Santa Clara t-shirt and a discount for  Inov-8 shoes.

What’s Next?

Theo and I will be working on a Nutrition program for the gym, including a series of talks & workshops, as well as one-on-one counselling. We will definitely continue the blog (although not with daily posts ;))and are looking forward to running a new (and different) challenge in the Autumn. If there’s a particular subject you’d like to learn more about, please post a question or send either one of us an email; or

2 responses to this post.

  1. Great work Cynthia! It takes a lot of work to put these contests and programs together, so big props to you and the great results of your participants!


  2. Posted by Theo on April 12, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Congratulations to all the participants of this seasons Challenge. Now that you all know a little bit about how to go Paleo, try it for like a week and challenge yourself. You will be surprised at what can come from this.

    Don’t believe me?

    Ask Miles, Ben, and Stacey. They’ll let you know what’s up.

    Have a good day everyone.

    T H E O


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