A fruit is a fruit…or is it?

Think about this…

If you were cruising down the produce aisle, what would you normally pick up and place in your basket…the organic apple, free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, or the regular apple, from Farmer John’s orchard, which was probably grown in fertilizer rich soil, and is a little on the cheaper side? For many of you, the answers will probably vary. Some of you may opt for the organic apple because its “better for you and the environment”, or others may look at the apple as an apple, because they are all the same, and go with that. Either way you look at it, its serving its purpose — to supply your body with important vitamins and minerals.

I know for me, I would probably go w/ the Organic Apple. When you’re on Paleo, you want to go for the more wholesome, natural item which is free of unnecessary processing or genetically modifying or altering chemicals. Right? Not to mention its also great for the environment because it allows for more sustainable farming practices. That’s how I roll.

One of my co-workers (Thanks, John!) forwarded me a really interesting article that I wanted to go ahead and share w/ you guys. It goes along w/ the point I’m trying to make here. I promise.

When you look at it, being on the Paleo diet means that you are consuming the most nutritious items available. This means organic fruits and vegetables, cage-free egss, and free-range meat. As simple as this lifestyle sounds, it could be quite pricy and heavy on the pocket book.

Registered Dietitian, Brierley Wright, has the answer for us. To be organic, or to not be organic? Take a look at her article, ” What’s Fresh: Trying to save money? 15 foods you don’t need to buy organic. You will be surprised at the items that you could buy, that do not have to be organic. Who wouldn’t want to save a dollar or two?

Some of you may choose to go the organic route all the way, or others may decide and go half-way…whichever way you go, just look at this post as another friendly option from your friendly blogger. =)

Regardless of your produce status you should be consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, whether or not its organic.

Thanks for reading.


– T H E O

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Cynthia on March 19, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Oooh, that’s a good one Theo! I have bought organic produce for 20 years for my kids (I have tended to be less concerned about my own food)… That article in very interesting, and can definitely save me some moola!


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